Welcome to AcademyOne classrooms page! The educational child care programs in our state of the art curriculum were designed to offer a comprehensive path to prepare your child for elementary school. The AcademyOne features developmentally appropriate programs with specialized curriculum for a variety of ages. Find the right path for your child here.

Phonics and Math Program:

In addition to our amazing curriculum we are very proud to have established a new ENRICHMENT PROGRAM to offer to our center’s families. This gives our families the opportunity to expose their child to even more literacy and math activities. The Enrichment Program will encompass the use of Hooked on Phonics® Learn to Read, and Hooked on Math Program.

It has been proven in many studies that children who are in the “reading – readiness” stage at start of Kindergarten are likely to become successful readers in their educational career. The Hooked on Phonics ® Learn to Read is intended to help each individual child build phonemic awareness and teach beginning reading skills. Children will be exposed to using techniques for recognizing letters, sounds, words, and eventually sentences so they will be well on their way to reading with fluency. Reading with fluency is the ultimate goal a child can reach when learning to read.