Ila Liff

Greetings! I’m Ms. Ila Liff, serving as the Curriculum Director at AcademyOne. Residing in Columbus with my devoted husband and four wonderful children – Emery, Leo, Ellis, and Lucas, I embarked on my journey with AcademyOne in 2020, initially in the Infant classroom. Over the years, I’ve evolved from being an infant, preschool, and kindergarten-prep educator to my current role as an administrator. My aim is to transform AcademyOne into not just a childcare facility, but a home away from home for families. It’s a haven where students are enveloped in safety, love, and endless opportunities for curiosity and learning. I firmly believe that for students to thrive and reach their full potential, they require an environment where they can express and navigate their emotions effectively. I’m excited about the journey ahead, alongside AcademyOne and our remarkable families!