Nicola Hughes

Hello, my name is Nicola Hughes but I do go by Ms. Nikki. I am from England. I have two children that are all grown up now. My children’s names are Lauren and Coner and I also have a Step Child named Gabriella. I recently married to my childhood sweetheart his name is Nigel, which has brought me here to Ohio. Not only is this my first job in the U.S it is also my first job working with children and I wonder why I have not done it before. I am very proud of my little ones every day and am very happy to be their teacher and to be given the opportunity to watch them grow. Originally I was a culinary chef for 25 years. I have been with AcademyOne since April 2019 and can’t wait to meet all of our AcademyOne families and watch their children grow within our school.