April and John Walters

We really love the happy, loving and caring environment that is provided for Johnny each day. It is also nice that  at this early age he has structure and loves being in a school type of environment. We know this will be good for him once he enters elementary school. Johnny loves to eat, but I really think his favorite part is seeing all of his friends and teachers each day. He enjoys going to AcademyOne , and you can tell by his excitement when we walk in the door. Thank you so much for all the love and attention you give Johnny. It feels like we step into his world each time we’re there, and it’s such a wonderful feeling knowing that he’s in a safe and loving environment. The most a parent can wish for their child is that they will be shown love and affection each day. Knowing that we cannot be with him all day to provide this it makes us so happy to see that AcademyOne can.