Salvato Family

The best of having the boys at AcademyOne Childcare & Preschool is not having to worry about whether our kids are happy, well cared for and learning. AcademyOne  provides a great balance of fun, education and physical activity for the boys. On a daily basis, we observe first-hand their educational progress and evolving social skills. It seems sometimes nearly impossible to pull them away from their activities, friends and teachers at the end of the day. AcademyOne helps reinforce the lessons and values we work on at home, but in a broader social setting guided by educated, experienced and caring professionals. This staff quality and social diversity provides the kids with an extended environment to learn and practice core life and learning principles consistent with those we establish at home. Just to say that we all greatly appreciate AcademyOne. Nick and Luke love their teachers (Miss Pam and Miss Devyn) and all of the staff. The facility Director (Bojana Railic) is as excellent a manager as you could wish for – always engaged, upbeat and highly capable – stepping in regardless of the need – a truly ideal leader.