Tonya Cusick

For me as a parent the hardest decision I’ve had to make is who will be my childcare provider. There is no worse feeling then leaving your baby with a “stranger”. Prior to AcademyOne, I would worry about boys all day. Since we’ve been at AcademyOne I no longer worry. The boys are always excited to go and that speaks volumes to me about the level of care and love they are receiving. It’s the little things too – a message letting me know they are ok and having fun; a picture sent to me showing them interacting with their friends. Enrolling at AcademyOne  was the best decision we could have made. Not only the level of care, but the programs are fantastic. When our oldest went to kindergarten he was so much more prepared and advanced then his peers. As we draw closer to not having children in childcare, it is with a heavy heart. AcademyOne is a part of our family.